Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand - Haze Fragrance Studio

Hi friend, Ashley here!

I thought it would be nice to introduce myself a bit so you can learn more about me and why I started Haze Fragrance. 

I've always been obssessed with fragrance products - from candles to perfumes - I would light candles at home, and always wear a perfume that matches my mood and my outfit whenever I'm outside. 

Before taking a sustainability course in U of T, I thought all candles were made with the same materials, just different fragrance formulas. I was wrong. After doing some deep research and found that most candles we purchase on the market are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum byproduct, I got really upset because the use of paraffin wax doesn't align with my values. I care deeply about sustainability (or else I wouldn't be studying about it).

Anyways, so after graduating from school, I struggled to find a job that I am passionate about. One morning, I made myself a cup of coffee and lighted a candle to begin another round of job-search, I suddenly started staring at the dancing flame and thought - why not starting my own candle business?

I have put in a significant amount of time and effort into researching the market, finding environmentally friendly materials, and experimenting with various formulations in my apartment. Finally, I landed on the products offered by Haze Fragrance now, and I hope they will change your experience with candles and exceed your expectations!

Haze Fragrance candles are created with the individual in mind who desires a candle that not only looks attractive but is also environmentally friendly, and has delightful scents. Created with sustainable and clean coconut-soy wax, FSC-Certified crackling wood wicks, and poured in recyclable glass jars. All candles are poured in small batches (more of tiny batches) to ensure that every candle gets special attention and that no wax and fragrance goes to waste. Well, I guess you could say that I'm too serious about leaving as little carbon footprint as possible...But this is just part of being me :)

Thank you for reading til this far, I appreciate your support so so much. If you would like to talk about anything, you can reach me at or send me a DM on IG, I'd love to talk with you!

- Ashley